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Senior Care of North Texas
Senior Care of North Texas
Senior Care of North Texas

Why Choose Senior Care of North Texas?

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With over 24 years experience, we understand the complex needs in caring for you and your loved ones, and we are one of the few companies who can work with your long-term care insurance provider. 


It is our goal to return your calls within 15 minutes or less, and we have agency staff available 24/7, 365 to help you. We also use leading time and attendance monitoring software to ensure safety and accuracy.


We offer you free consultations and assessments, one-hour rates, and discounts for couples. Additionally, we do NOT believe in charging you for levels of care. So you can rest assured that if/when your care needs increase, your rate will stay the same.


Is your caregiver not working out for you? No problem. We honor your needs and will accommodate caregiver change requests.

We provide one-on-one senior care in a safe a familiar environment

We provide care with Independence and Dignity

No one wants to be totally dependent and helpless. With one-on-one care, seniors can continue to function and live their lives. Caregivers are there simply to assist, not to take over. The senior will remain independent as long as possible and not feel like a burden to their family.


We provide maximum freedom and comfort for the senior

The senior remains involved in the decision making process and keeps control over the decisions that add value to living. The senior can decide when, what and where to eat. They can decide when to get up and when to go to bed. They can choose what TV show to watch and when to watch it. They can choose when family and friends can visit. The senior can set their own schedule and remain in control of many activities in their life.


We promote safety

One-on-one care allows the senior to remain in an environment that reduces the exposure and risk to germs and infections. This helps to reduce the risk of sickness for the senior. It is a known fact that hospitals and facilities are at high risk for infections. Falls and accidents can also be a problem for many seniors. One-on-one care ensures that the senior will receive help immediately. A good caregiver will also make sure that the environment is free from hazards and that the environment is as safe as possible.


We provide individualized and personalized care

The senior chooses the care and the amount of care that is just right for them. They choose the days and times that fit their needs and schedules. The senior also has the right to choose the caregiver that best suits their own personalities. Care is tailored to the senior’s needs, even if it is a little bit of care or a lot of care.


We promote healing and comfort

When recovering from an illness, accident or operation, it is a known fact that everyone recovers at home in a safe and comfortable environment. There is no substitute for being in your own bed or favorite chair, surrounded by your memories and personal mementos to encourage healing and peace of mind. 


Senior Care of North Texas is associated with a very high level of client satisfaction and provides a strong sense of independence to all involved

The senior is always more satisfied with one-on-one care rather than care provided by someone who has many clients to care for in a single shift. Satisfaction levels are high because a relationship develops between the senior and the caregiver in a one-on-one arrangement. They become companions and friends. This type of arrangement adds security, safety and dignity to the senior’s day and helps them maintain their independence and freedom. All the time they are surrounded by the items that provide comfort and security but most of all they remain close to all their memories of friends and families.


Remember:  If it's your care….. It should be your choice!

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