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Safety is Our First Priority - When Should You Get Help?

Providing Care at Home: Can I Do It?


Caring for a seriously ill loved one at home can be intimidating and overwhelming.  With support, especially the support provided by our caregivers at Senior Care of North Texas, most situations can be managed.  Here’s how:


Do a Safety Inventory

  • Remove scatter rugs

  • Remove obstacles from traffic areas

  • Place grab bars in tub and next to commode

  • Use raised toilet seats and non-skid shower seats

  • Provide well-fitting shoes with non-skid soles

  • Floors should have slip-resistant finish

  • Properly secure electric cords

  • Post emergency numbers prominently

  • Observe good hand-washing techniques before and after care


Steps that Increase Safety while Allowing Independence

  • Provide your loved one with an electronic alert device

  • Set up a network of concerned individuals who will check in at routine intervals

  • Supply pre-prepared meals

  • Provide daily personal care through use of home health aides

  • Arrange for hearing exam/hearing aids, if necessary

  • Be sure corrective lenses are up-to-date

  • Post your loved one’s wishes regarding resuscitation/DNR


Safety Precautions for Dementia

  • Camouflage exit doors

  • Use combination locks on doors, if necessary

  • Be sure your loved one wears an ID bracelet

  • Keep a consistent daily routine

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