Thank you for your interest in joining our registry. 

Please print and fill out the paperwork below and call us

for a personal interview at (940) 665-2999.


What to Bring to Caregiver Registration and Interview


References (both personal and professionalwith contact names

and phone numbers


Driver’s License


Social Security Card


Proof of Auto Insurance with your name on it


Letter of Clearance from Local Police Department or County Sheriff


Department Certificates or Licenses such as CNA, CPR, First Aide, etc.


Completed Application

Please click below to print out your Caregiver Application


The Caregiver Assistance News - The Perfect Tool for Family Caregiver Support

The Caregiver Assistance News is a monthly newsletter offering family caregivers the information needed to do their job with confidence, pride and an increased level of competence. Published since 2001, our newsletters are easy-to-read and peppered with illustrations and caregiver self-care tips.